cordless electrostatic fogger for disenfecting machine

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Electrostaic Backpack Fogger Machine
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    An electrostatic atomizer is, in theory, an atomizer that produces a significant electrostatic ring adsorption effect on the sprayed droplets. It has significant water saving, drug saving, labor saving and environmental protection effects. As China's plant protection machinery and pesticide application technology has long been in a relatively backward state, therefore, has brought about a large amount of pesticide loss and waste, agricultural pesticide residue levels exceeded the standard, large-scale pollution of soil and water environment, crop pests frequently occur, operator poisoning accidents continue to occur and a series of negative impacts. Electrostatic sprayers, can greatly improve the utilization rate of pesticides and spraying efficiency, effectively reduce environmental pollution, reduce pesticide residues of agricultural products, while having a series of advantages such as water saving, drug saving, high efficiency and low cost, therefore, can fundamentally solve the above-mentioned shortcomings of a new product with a wide development space and good application prospects.



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