Portable And Powerfull Massage Gun 3400 mAh (With Stainless Steel Attachments)

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Product Overview

Percussion Massage Gun, 3000 mAh Cordless Portable Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Fascia Massager Gun for Relieving Muscle Soreness with 5 Variable Speeds and (4 Massage Heads Black)- (2 Stainless Steel) Massage Heads


  5 Adjustable Speeds                                                                                       The massager gun equipped with 5-speed adjustment. You can choose different frequencies and amplitudes according to your needs in strength and efficacy. There are 5 adjustable frequencies, which are respectively 1200/1600/2200/2800/3200 RPM. 
  Relieve Muscle Soreness in Minutes 
 Soothe muscle tension as a muscle massager or tissue massager.when you stop being active, muscle and joints get stiff. This massager gun helps increase your blood flow and release fascia and knots by Continuous percussion. It is not only great for a personal user but also perfect for the physical therapist or chiropractor.
  – Advanced Noise Reduction Technology                                               Military precision engineering ensures a low noise experience with the brush-less motor and quite glide noise reduction technology. It is excellent to keep the strength levels under the super quiet condition.
– 6 Interchangeable Massage Heads                                                             Those massage heads provide you with a variety of treatment options to deal with every muscle and tension concern. Ball massage head for muscle stimulation, Y shape massage head for spine correction, bullet massage head for the decomposition of lactic acid and hammer massage head for body tension relief.
 – Safety and Quality Guarantee                                                                             LG3400 mAh large capacity chargeable battery, it is not only safer but also can accommodate power for massage gun up to 3 hours after a full charge. There is a LED battery indicator on the handle. You can know the power usage in real-time. 


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