Mega Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer Printing 3d Printers With TMC2208 3D Laser Printer Upgrade Version of Mega S (Mega Pro)

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10019-ANYCUBIC-Mega-Pro 1

Product Overview

* Versatile 2-in-1 3D Printer. * High-precision printing delivers excellent print quality.

Technical Specification

3D printing:

Printing Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Build Volume: 210×210×205 mm³ Layer Resolution: 0.05-0.3 mm Positioning Accuracy: X/Y- 0.0125mm;Z- 0.002mm Extruder Quantity: Single Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm Print Speed: 20~100mm/s (suggested 60mm/s) Travel Speed: 100mm/s Supported Materials: PLA, TPU, etc Ambient Operating Temperature: 8°C - 40°C Operational Extruder Temperature: max 260°C

Laser engraving:

Image format: bmp Engraving size: 220×140 mm² Engraving mode: bitmap Pixel size: 0.05-0.4mm (suggested 0.1mm) Recommended laser intensity: Brown paper - 15%;Wood - 25% Laser height: 1-100mm(suggested 50mm) Mirror image: the default value is recommended Rated power: 1500mw Supported Materials: Leather, Paper, Wood, etc


Slicer Software: Cura Software Input Formats: .STL, .OBJ,.DAE, .AMF Software Output Formats: GCode Connectivity: SD Card; USB cable(expert users only)


Input rating: 110V-220V AC, 50/60Hz

Physical Dimensions:

Printer Dimensions: 405X410X453mm³ Weight: ~15kg

1.Multi-function 3D Printer

* 2 in 1 machine of 3d printing and laser engraving. * Multiple functions to unleash your creative potential.

2. Laser Engraving

* High-precision laser engraver inspires you to create in more ways ( It is capable of engraving on wood, paper, leather,etc ) *Decoration *Personalized custom *Art design

3.TMC2208 Quiet Drive

Silence the 3D printer. Significantly reduce the noise when printing.

4. Double Gear Extrusion Mechanism

* Optimized extrusion torque and path orientation. * Compatible with flexible filaments like TPU. * Stronger torque * Route optimization * TPU filament

5. Pause At Desired Height

* Offer the option to pause at a specific layer, print with different colors on a single nozzle * Previous multi - color printing: cumbersome operation, low efficiency and poor effect * Multi - color printing with smart Pause: simple operation, high efficiency and great effect *Pause up to 6 times

6. High Quality Power Supply For Superior Safety Performance

1.Obtain multiple certifications including UL certification, CE marking, and FCC certification. 2.Support 110-220v wide voltage, applicable to most parts of the world, no need for shift between 110v and 220v

7. Full Rigid Solid Metal Frame & Modular Design

Sturdy construction enhances the stability when printing which leads to the highly detailed prints. With modular design, It can be assembled in just a few minutes.

8. Smart Auxiliary Leveling

Quickly locate the corners of the print platform during leveling.

9. Upgraded Bed Leveling Knobs

Big leveling knobs with ergonomic design make for a easier manual leveling. ( Large diameter, labor-saving, anti-skid ) * 60% less effort than the smaller one * The diameter is 2 times larger than the previous version

10. Big Build Volume For Limitless Creativity

The print size is large in both print modes. * Build volume:210×210×205 mm³ * Engraving size:220×140 mm²

11. Auto-resume From Power Loss

Easily continue printing from power failure or pause, saves time and filament. *Power loss *Continue printing

12. Package List


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